5 Things to Know Before You Pick a Wholesale Seafood Distributor

It’s essential to buy from reputable dealers when you’re buying seafood, says Seafood Health Facts. That same piece of advice applies too when you’re buying for your restaurant or catering business. If this is the first time you’re doing this, here are a few tips to help you get the right wholesale seafood distributors in Boston for your business:

Make a list

Keeping things organized will get your search off to a good start. Go online and do your research. You’ll also want to look around. Get advice from people in the industry that you know and trust.

Look for credentials

A lot of states require distributors to obtain a license before they can sell seafood. Ask about their credentials when you get in touch with the seafood distributors on your list. Think twice about working with distributors that aren’t properly licensed.

Work on that agreement

Once you do find reputable and reliable wholesale seafood distributors in Boston to work with, sort out an arrangement so you can count on them to provide you with the seafood you need to keep your business running.

Find out what your customers want

Not all of seafood are in demand. You’ll want to know which seafood items are popular with your buying customers so you can increase volume orders with your distributor. This will also help you trim down orders for items that aren’t moving as fast out of your tanks or freezers.

Consider service quality

The right distributors will often go above and beyond their jobs to deliver your orders. They have contingency plans in case bad weather conditions derail delivery schedules. That’s the kind of distributors you’ll want for your business. Problems and delays will happen but how they deal with those situations and how they reach out to provide you with assistance will make all the difference.

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