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How Is Dual Diagnosis Treated?

Do you struggle with a mental illness and substance abuse simultaneously? Are you looking for treatment options for your dual diagnosis? Dual diagnosis occurs when you experience a mental illness and substance use simultaneously. This can become a serious problem. This problem often begins when someone deals with a mental illness and feels as though they can avoid symptoms or may feel better if they begin using drugs or alcohol as a form of relief. There are a few different treatments for dual diagnosis, but some are recommended over others. If you continue reading, you can find out more about treatments and which one may be best for you if you suffer from this problem. Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis can be seen in a variety of methods.

Integrated Prevention

A treatment for dual diagnosis that is often suggested to individuals is integrated prevention. This is when someone gets to care for their mental illness that has been diagnosed and their substance abuse issue. It is important that both issues are addressed instead of only one. You can come to understand how one problem can affect the other and how treatment can be the most beneficial for both of the issues.


This is a common treatment plan. It is typically the first step that individuals must pass. Detoxification is usually most effective when the patient performs this treatment in an inpatient treatment center. This plan can be most effective for sobriety initially and keep a patient safe. Medical professionals monitor patients and reduce the amount of substance that the patient uses to wean them off of it. This can help to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

Supportive Housing

It may be beneficial for you to live in a group environment that promotes safety and a healthy lifestyle. Encouragement between a group of people can help you to avoid relapsing and continue with treatment. You can also have multiple people to discuss problems with—people that you are able to relate t0.

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