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Things To Pay Attention To Before Calling An AC Contractor in Grand Rapids, MI

Before contacting an AC contractor in Grand Rapids MI for repair work, there are some things people should check so they don’t waste time or money. Some problems with air conditioners aren’t really that hard to fix. Sometimes, there is a simple solution a person might be overlooking. For example, when an air conditioner isn’t working, it might be due to a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Air conditioners take a lot of power to run, so blown fuses can happen. Fuses are cheap, and it’s good to have
replacements on hand.

Air conditioners can have all types of problems. A person might contact an AC Contractor in Grand Rapids MI when they notice their air conditioner sometimes shuts off and then turns back on after maybe an hour or two. When an air conditioners cycles on and off when it is supposed to be running without interruption, there might be a problem with frozen coils. Coils that happen to freeze will stop an air conditioner from working. Excessive dirt is one reason coils tend to freeze over. Cleaning the coils once they have defrosted will usually resolve this issue. Contact us if there are problems that aren’t easily resolved.

Much like other systems, air conditioners require a certain level of maintenance to work correctly. One of the most overlooked maintenance tasks is caring for an air conditioner’s filter. When the filter isn’t taken care of like it should be, dirt can begin to overwhelm an air conditioner. Central air conditioners that aren’t clean can affect the air quality of an entire home. If a person doesn’t want to do any of the maintenance work on their own, they can simply schedule appointments with a contractor. Filters should be serviced every 30 days when an air conditioner is being used frequently.

There are definitely times when professional help will be needed. It’s just not possible for people who don’t have training to fix every problem they might encounter. Troubleshooting for a few minutes prior to making a service call doesn’t really hurt anything, but too much time shouldn’t be wasted if a solution can’t be easily found.

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