Utilize GPS Tracking at Your Fingertips Sep11


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Utilize GPS Tracking at Your Fingertips

Running an efficient business that uses fleets requires an outstanding GPS system that allows you to track your fleet using Cloud based analytics with real time telematics that is powered via Onboard. When you use this type of GPS tracking, you have access to a fleet manager via a web portal too. The portal itself has been designed for commercial fleet owners and fleet managers who require an immediate update concerning the status of their fleets. The information provided will include the location of vehicles as they travel from one location to another. The portal itself offers a web-based account with dashboards, vehicle tracking information, driver behavior data plus more.

Enjoy Key Features

There are many features commercial fleet owners can enjoy when using GPS tracking systems offered by professionals in the industry. Just imagine being able to keep up with your fleet with a ‘bread crumb trail’ that features automatic trip logging with actionable statistics. Does getting GPS updates every three minutes or within the increments of 60, 30 or 15 seconds sound attractive? You can easily upgrade your account for faster updates without any limit to the number of vehicles that can be tracked at one time. You can even stop reporting for all locations when the ignition is off. Are you worried about unsafe driving events? A GPS tracking system will allow you to accurately identify an unsafe driving event.

Track and Manage Every Aspect of Your Fleet

The right GPS tracking system gives you the opportunity to manage nearly every aspect of your fleet. You will also receive information about vehicle health diagnostics, factory recall notifications and be able to schedule vehicle maintenance alerts. You can also create custom maintenance tasks for each vehicle, as well. When you use the right GPS tracking system the possibilities are endless. For more information visit Vyncs.

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