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A basic guide to machine quilting

Machine quilting can be a time-effective option as a pose to quilting material by hand. Quilting Machines In Seattle WA enthusiasts and professionals alike favor the machine quilting technique for this very reason. It is relatively easy to learn the basic skill of machine quilting saving many people the time consuming task of quilting their material by hand. Some basic knowledge of sewing techniques is an advantage and there are a few basic principles to adhere to when contemplating using a machine for quilting purposes.

Required items

When undertaking any form of quilting work there are some items that are a necessity. These items form the cornerstone of any quilting work and it is advisable that you have these items in place and at hand prior to commencing any quilting work. Preparation is a key aspect of any quilting work and time taken at this early stage can greatly improve results during the actual work itself.

There are three main items that we require at the beginning of any quilting project. Tracing paper is a key element of any quilting work. This tracing paper is used to help with the implementation of the pattern to the fabric itself. Next, we must have in place a suitable machine that has enough power to carry out the quilting and which has the correct feed maneuverability. Finally we must ensure that the needle we use is of ample strength and has the relevant properties to carry out the intended work.

Aspects to consider

Firstly we need to use the tracing paper that we prepared at the planning stage of the process to trace the pattern that we want onto the fabric that we are going to use to quilt. Do not worry if this looks unprofessional and makes the work look shabby as the tracing paper will be removed at the end of the work.

Next we need to ask ourselves which type of quilting technique is most appropriate for the piece of work we are about to begin. If the pattern consists of many straight lines and angles it is probably safe to assume that we should use the machine guided technique as this enables the user, in conjunction with the machine itself, to achieve nice straight lines and finishes. For a more complicated design, whereby patterns consist of more curves and variations we should use the hand free technique. This technique requires greater levels of skill but offers more expansive, impressive finishes and results.

When it comes to the quilting itself we should understand that, with regard to the size of quilting to be undertaken, we may have to work in smaller sections after which we can join them all together to produce the finished piece. There are numerous stores and companies offering advice, assistance and associated equipment with regards to Quilting Machines In Seattle WA. Utilize their expertise.


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