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About the Many Types of Speech Therapy in NJ

Speech therapy can be used by patients of any age to help them recover or gain the ability to speak well and clearly. When it comes to speech therapy NJ, there are many people who just aren’t sure what it entails or how it can work to help people speak even better. Instead of simply working with people on how to pronounce words, there are many other aspects of speech with which this type of therapy is designed to help.

Receptive and Expressive

Some people are able to speak clearly, but they simply aren’t able to express themselves properly. These same people often have difficulty understanding what others are saying to them as well. Speech therapy can be designed to help these patients work on both their receptive and expressive language so they will be able to carry on a conversation with others around them in their lives.


There are some patients who are fully capable of speaking well but still need the assistance of speech therapy in NJ. These patients often suffer from a fear of talking in public to such a degree they become tongue-tied and unable to speak. Working with a speech therapist can help patients learn to be more confident when they are speaking in front of others. Many people don’t even think of this aspect when they think of speech therapy.

Physical Limitations

For other patients, there are physical deformities that can make speaking more difficult for them. While surgery and other treatments may be part of the overall treatment plan, speech therapy can also be a necessity. Anyone who has been unable to speak properly will need to do it all over again as soon as their physical deformities are properly dealt with. Whether the patient had a cleft palate, a misshapen jaw or an injury that impacted the mouth, speech therapy can be an important element of recovery.

When a patient is having trouble speaking for any reason, speech therapy in NJ can be an extremely useful tool in building up that speech positively. While most people think of learning to speak more clearly when they think of speech therapy, there are many other aspects of this type of therapy as well. This includes working on receptive and expressive language, the ability to speak in public and learning to speak after treatment for physical deformities and other physical ailments that have impacted the ability to speak.

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