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All about digital TV

There has been a quiet revolution over the last few years and digital TV is now with us. Television stations nationwide have started to broadcast in a digital format. If you still have not changed to a new format receiver, to receive digital in Shoreham you will need to have a digital-analogue converter to watch TV.

What is a digital TV?

A digital television set can receive and display TV broadcasts which are being transmitted by any of the digital signaling methods. Digital TVs are classified as HDTV (high definition), EDTV (enhanced digital) and SDTV (standard definition).

What makes it different from my old set?

The television transmission that was first developed more than 50 years ago used analogue technology. If you have not yet replaced your old analogue set, you can still watch TV but you will need to connect a digital in Shoreham converter box. The picture quality will not be the same as received by a digital receiver as the analogue set has many limitations within the set electronics that cannot be eliminated with a converter.

What are the differences in digital TVs?

HDTV, EDTV and SDTV are in reference to the ability of the television set to display the picture. Digital TV is transmitted from the broadcast point in any one of 18 different digital formats, but the TVs, the receivers, all have different abilities when it comes to displaying the image.

HDTVs display hi-definition images using 540 lines, EDTVs display the images using 480 lines and SDTVs display at 480 lines but the image is interlaced to the same resolution as old analogue sets.

Is my old analogue set obsolete?

Although the transition to digital Shoreham is complete, your old set is not yet obsolete, however, there are some things that you will have to do to continue using it. You must:

* Use a digital-analogue converter box.

* Connect to a cable or satellite television service.

Old analogue sets should still work with games, DVD players, VCRs and similar devices.

Once your old analogue set is equipped with the digital-analogue converter, it will display an image but it will not be digital quality.

Did the transition to DTV sets affect TVs connected to subscription services?

If you are a subscriber to a cable or satellite TV service, the digital transition will not nor did it affect any TVs that are connected to the service. The digital transition only affects those TV stations that transmit in full power, using the public air-waves to get their signal to the receiver. These stations that transmit in digital do so on both UHF and VHF bands so viewers can still receive the broadcasts using an aerial, rabbit-ears or a bow-tie.

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