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Custom Crating Provides Extra Care and Protection

For any person who has valuable artwork that needs to be transported from one location to another, there is a little bit of nervousness involved. There are a lot of unknowns that could happen at any point during the shipping process. If the artwork gets damaged at all, it is often very hard if not impossible to ever fix. With that said there are solutions available, especially in the Los Angeles area that can help reduce the overall risks associated with transporting a valuable piece of art from one location to another.

How to Have Extra Protection for Art

With art that is extremely valuable, there is almost nothing that is too much when it comes to protecting the piece of art from damage. That is why many people in the Southern California area turn towards a company for custom crating in Los Angeles. What they can do is provide an extra level of protection by creating a custom crate to encase the artwork in for shipment.

A custom crate is typically made out of wood as that provides the best level of protection. What a company for custom crating in Los Angeles does is take the measurements of the piece of art. They then go to work on a design for a shipping crate that will protect all of the valuable or fragile portions of the piece of art. If the artwork has a section that juts out further than the rest, a custom crate will be able accommodate the special shape much better than any other type of solution.

Now once the custom crate has been created the piece of art is then placed inside of the crate. Ample room will be left on the inside of the shipping crate for extra protection. What the shipping company will do is fill in all of the extra space with specially created packing material that is similar to the packing peanuts that are so commonly found in most shipping boxes. The customized shape of the shipping crate plus the additional packing material will provide a tremendous amount of additional protection for the valuable piece of art.

The initial cost for the custom crating may be a little on the expensive side, but some things have to taken into consideration. For starters, the custom crating is providing an additional huge amount of protection. Also, once a custom crate has been made it can then be reused multiple times for any future transportation needs.

Having a custom crating solution is actually a priceless thing to have. Normal shipping and packing materials can only provide so much protection. They do not provide adequate protection if something were to slam into it. A custom shipping crate can provide that extra level of protection.

Art Pack is a highly respected custom crating in Los Angeles company that caters to the art collector community. The company has over 40 years worth of combined experience in the handling and packing of fine art, furniture, and more. Service is offered for any size consignment, regardless of size or special needs. Visit Artpackco.com.

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