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Do You Need a Berkeley Employment Attorney?

Do you know what discrimination you’re protected against at work? If you haven’t checked out the Law against Discrimination, or LAD, you may not realize you’ve been fired or prevented from doing well at work for illegal reasons. A Berkeley employment attorney can help you figure out if you’re a victim of hiring or firing discrimination.

What Does LAD Cover?

Anti-discrimination laws in Berkeley cover more than most states. Along with race, age, sex and physical and mental disorders, LAD reaches to sexual orientation, marital status and more. It also gives people protection for certain genetic disorders. If you feel you were turned down for a job or promotion due to something besides working ability, talk to an employment attorney.

Are LAD Offenses the Only Illegal Firing Practices?

No! If your coworkers are regularly committing the same offenses you were fired for, you may have a case against your employer. Too many businesses think they can create a paper trail to get rid of an unwanted employee. Unfortunately for them, if others wouldn’t be fired, you may be able to receive unemployment benefits.

Berkeley is an at-will state, meaning your boss can fire you for many reasons. If you perform poorly on the job, are rude to your boss, coworkers or clients, or otherwise have a negative impact on your workplace or the profits they generate, you could easily lose your job. However, legal representation can force your boss to prove those are the real reasons you were fired. They do that by showing other employees were allowed to do the same things and keep their jobs, and often, that isn’t possible.

Expected Outcomes

Unemployment is not the only benefit you can get from taking your previous employer to court. You may be able to get your old job back, though it may not be in your best interest. You may also be able to get a generous severance package. Your lawyer can help tailor an agreement that best suits your needs and situation. For instance, you may receive a one-time payment package that compensates you for all your unused sick days, vacation days and additional benefits.

The biggest problem in unfair hiring and firing practices is people regularly accept them without question. Most people won’t bother appealing a rejected request for unemployment. They’ll find a replacement job instead and hope they aren’t discriminated against a second time around. You don’t have to accept that kind of risk. Hire a Berkeley Employment Attorney instead to get the benefits you need and deserve.

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