Filing Out an SR 22 Form Apr10


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Filing Out an SR 22 Form

An SR 22 Form is also called a safety responsibility sheet or financial responsibility document. This form is required in certain states to be filled out in its entirety in order to obtain auto insurance coverage once a driver has lost their driving privileges due to the lack of auto insurance coverage prior to an accident or incident. The actual SR 22 Form is quite simple in length and appearance. Most of the instructions for filling out the form is self-explanatory and requires no additional assistance. SR 22 in Lacey, Washington requirements are similar to other states that utilize the same SR 22 Form. The Department of Motor Vehicles as well as auto insurance companies are knowledgeable in all the requirements for filling out this document.

In filling out the SR 22 the first requirement is your complete legal name which consists of first, middle and last name. The second requirement is providing your legal residence mailing address. This address cannot be a Post Office Box. It must be a physical mailing address. The third requirement in filling out the form is a case number. This number can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your driver’s license number is the next along with your date of birth and full social security number.


Your current insurance policy number will be next in filling out the form. The effective date of your policy is then completed. The vehicle’s model year, trade year if applicable and vehicle identification number (VIN) are to be completed. If the individual is under FR suspension the appropriate yes or no block will be checked.


The next step in the process is filling out the name of the insurance company issuing the policy. The form is then dated and signed by the appropriate authorize individual. Once the form is completed it is ready to be filed and the local Department of Motor Vehicle. SR 22 in Lacey, Washington Department of Motor Vehicle will then process this document. The document is then required to be kept in the appropriate vehicle that has obtained coverage. If insurance coverage is ever canceled it may be necessary to resubmit the form again.


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