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Find A Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer

Life can change in an instant when you are involved in an accident. The most startling and devastating injuries often occur when a law-abiding driver experiences a car accident where they had no opportunity to avoid the collision.

If you or a family member have been injured in a vehicle accident, you know the pain and life-changing effects of going from a healthy person to an injury victim. A life that was previously filled with work, family and social events changes to one that centers around medical appointments, physical therapies and medication schedules.

The personal injury attorney in San Antonio should be one of the first calls you make when you have been hurt in an accident. The at fault party in the collision will have an aggressive attorney representing their insurance company and that lawyer will be making attempts to get in touch with the people who have been injured by their client as quickly as possible so as to pressure them into signing a settlement.

Accident victims need to be represented by their own lawyer who will protect their rights and fight to get them the compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering and out of pocket expenses related to the accident injuries.

A free, no obligation consultation with a personal injury lawyer can help clarify the options that relate to your specific situation. The choices you have will relate to several factors.

One factor will have to do with the situation under which the car collision took place. Were you stopped at a red light or a stop sign when your car was hit from behind? Perhaps you had pulled over to allow an emergency vehicle to pass you or stopped in order to permit a pedestrian to cross the street. In situations like these, the car that collided with yours could be found to be one hundred percent at fault.

If you have lost time from your job and that has resulted in a loss of income related to the accident, these may also be damages that can be collected from the at-fault driver in your case. Talking to the personal injury lawyer can help you see the ways that filing a cause of action in civil court can help you recover some or all of your past and future medical expenses related to the crash.

Law Office of Jesse Hernandez has experienced attorneys who will assist you to get the right compensation you deserve for the wrong done to you.

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