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Four Selling Points for Software for Trucking Companies

The best software for trucking companies takes issues specific to the industry into account. While many companies adequately keep track of some trucking-specific losses and gains, very few do a comprehensive job. Switching your books to one of these programs can go a long way in saving man hours on bookkeeping and ultimately saving money. It keeps you focused on earning the money and doing what you enjoy, while your office staff creates accurate reports more quickly to help streamline your profits.

Tailored to Freight Carriers

Use software for trucking companies that helps freight carriers analyze profits and costs for each of their customers. Forget relying on margins. Know exactly how much you need from each individual client by keeping dibs on their profits and losses.

Custom-Designed for Truckload Carriers

Break revenue down in the smallest portions possible. Know how much you’re making per mile, per customer or per load. Figure fuel surcharge per trip or per client. Get extremely detailed information to keep your profits right on the mark.

Break Things Down Further to Less than Truckload

These stats can be handled by programs that aren’t specifically designed by someone with in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry. General accounting programs can’t give you the precision of premium software for trucking companies. Analyze profits per shipment and segment, along with surcharge revenues and more.

Save Using Specialized Tools

Overhauling your business for effectiveness builds profits by cutting back on unnecessary expense. Instead of paying an accountant or bookkeeper to analyze data your current program keeps track of, input the information you need and have your software do it on your behalf. In just seconds, you can get detailed advice broken down by driver, truck route, client and more. Significantly reduce your business costs and maximize your profits without having to go to a specialist.

Switching to comprehensive software for trucking companies is the first step in revitalizing your business. Allow yourself to focus on money-making activities, while your staff puts your computers to work bringing precision and efficiency to your books. Get the most bang for your buck. Skip financial programs that do half the job and force you to rely on estimates and start using the figures you have to identify what you need to make more money.

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