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Home Safes : Providence Safe Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your home, security is a major concern for many individuals. Having a home safe is an excellent way to build a final line of defense between thieves and your valuable possessions. Since most home burglaries last just 10 minutes or less, storing your belongings in a safe helps to ward off criminal activity. For these reasons, it’s a smart option to store your most valued items in a safe, allowing you to leave your home with the confidence that these possessions are well protected.

How do I choose a proper safe?
When shopping for home safes in Providence, security professionals recommend selecting a product that is of the highest quality within you budget. In most cases, you get what you pay for when buying a safe. To determine what size safe you’ll need, consider what you need to keep safe. Common secured items include cash, jewelry, precious metals, firearms and ammunition, important paper documents and antiques.


What are the different types of safes?
There are a number of different types of safes in various sizes to meet the needs of all homeowners. Floor safes are the most popular, as they are easy to conceal and designed to be installed into the floor. Wall safes are convenient and easy to keep hidden as the safe is installed into a wall and concealed with a photograph or wall panel. Chests are free standing safes that can be placed anywhere. These safes can be easily bolted to the floor. Vaults are large enough for walk-in access.

What is the difference between a fire and burglary safe?
Buying the proper safe is critical, as there are multiple differences between fire and burglary safes. Generally, fire-resistant safes offer minimal protection against thieves due to the material used to create the safe. In comparison, not all burglar safes are fire-resistant. Some of the best safes are those that offer both burglary and fire protection.

How do I protect the items in my safe?
When comparing home safes, Providence safe experts offer many types to fit your individual security needs. Documents and film should be kept in fire resistant cabinets or a safe equipped with drawers to help keep the files safe from heat and smoke damage. Antiques can be reserved when a dehumidifier is kept within the safe to help reduce humidity and control the atmosphere. Look for a safe that is large enough to contain the valuables and equipment you need to preserve your items.

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