Important Items To Consider When Hiring An Electrical Contractor In Spokane WA

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Electrician

Your home includes a variety of systems that may require servicing or repair, installation or replacement. Most people wait until there is a problem before hiring a professional, which could lead them to choose someone based on cost or availability. Instead, you should focus on their quality of service. Whether it’s a plumber, HVAC or an electrical contractor in Spokane WA, you want someone you can use each time you need service.


Many handymen don’t have licenses to handle electricity, but they may do so on a limited basis with no problem. However, you want someone like Lite It Up Electric LLC because they are licensed to work in their area. Likewise, you want someone that is insured and bonded because that means you are protected.

Scope Of Service

Primarily, you are going to want an electrical contractor in Spokane WA that can handle a wide variety of services so you can use them anytime you have a project that deals with electricity. They should be able to handle energy-efficient lighting, installation/repair of lighting, and install new wiring, as well as other services. That way, you’ve always got a qualified individual to deal with electrical issues.

They should also be able to help you set up your replace circuit breakers and provide a home inspection as necessary.


It’s important to understand that one company may hire multiple contractors, so that when an emergency arises, someone is available to help. This just means that when you contact them for repairs or emergencies, you may not get the same electrician. This is a standard practice for larger companies, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that each person who may come to your home is qualified, has appropriate licensing and is insured/bonded through the company that hired them. For more information visit Lite It Up Electric LLC.

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