Luxury Apartment for Rent in Minnetonka Enhance Your Lifestyle

The perfect luxury apartment for rent in Minnetonka will help you to have the lifestyle that you deserve. Imagine living in the heart of Minnetonka and coming home to a beautiful lux apartment. The right luxury apartment for rent in Minnetonka is the place to start building the life that you have always dreamed of.

What Does Luxury Look Like?

Luxury living is all about the optics. An idyllic setting that offers easy access to all that Minnetonka has to offer is possible. Many people think that if they choose a luxury apartment for rent that they will have to give up beautiful natural surroundings. With the perfect rental you will have the best of both worlds. The building will be surrounded by mature trees that will enhance the beauty of the building. The right space will be aesthetically pleasing from the moment you arrive at the building.

It is All About the Amenities

If luxury living is your goal than it is the amenities that rank high on the list of things that are most important to you. The right building will have amenities like:

  • A lifestyle concierge
  • Heated parking
  • Indoor car washing bay
  • Fitness center
  • Community spaces like a “chefs’ kitchen”
  • Board rooms for business meetings
  • And more

The right rental will have every amenity that you need to live your best life. All your needs will be considered and accommodated.

There is a Place

In February of 2020 The Luxe Apartments at Ridgedale will open its doors. It will be the most sought-after place to live. There will be one- and two-bedroom rentals available that are built to the highest standard. This is the building that everyone with discerning taste has been waiting for. This could be the exceptional place you come home to everyday!

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