Making a Change With a Bob Style at a Hair Salon in St. Louis, MO

The bob has been a popular women’s haircut for years and shows no sign of going out of style. The lovely look, ease of care, and the style’s staying power lead many ladies to request this at a hair salon in St. Louis, MO. There actually are several types of bob hairstyles, making this a suitable option for nearly everyone’s facial shape and features.

A Wide Variety of Bobs

A talented cosmetologist at a hair salon in St. Louis, MO, knows a wide variety of bobs within the more general definition. If the client is unsure which she prefers, the two might look over photos and illustrations before deciding.

By definition, a bob can be as long as shoulder-length and any length shorter than this. The hair could be all one length or layered. The length might be V-shaped and longer in front than in back. The style can have bangs.

Ideal for Different Personalities

A bob is an ideal style for many different personalities. A woman who likes her hair to have a catchy, unkempt look can achieve this with a bob. The same is true for a lady who wants her hair to look sleek and elegant.

Getting Started

A woman who has worn her hair long for years may be a little nervous about the big change. She might begin with a shoulder-length bob. The stylist can always cut her hair shorter later on when the client is ready. Contact information for one particular salon is provided at

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