One Killed, One Injured in Drunken Street Racing Incident Jan30


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One Killed, One Injured in Drunken Street Racing Incident

If you have sustained a personal injury in Apple Valley, CA due to the reckless or illegal behavior of another party, a personal injury attorney can help you get the justice you deserve. In some cases, you may be eligible for monetary reparation to pay for injuries sustained, and you can help ensure that similar incidents don’t happen to other people by severely punishing the responsible party.

On May 22, 2009, one young woman’s life ended and another’s was changed forever when they were hit by a drunken street racer near Apple Valley, CA. The two women were college students returning from a concert in Las Vegas when they were hit by a young man who had been drinking the whole night, consuming beer at a party before heading to a club where he had a number of mixed drinks. At the time of impact, he was racing with another car, going at a rate of speed around 80 or 90 mph. When his blood alcohol level was tested on the scene, it was found to be 0.16% – twice the legal limit. He had already been sentenced with one DUI. The surviving young woman spent five months in the hospital and was left with a partially paralyzed right side, according to her personal injury attorney near Apple Valley, CA. She also incurred a brain injury that forced her to stop attending college.

Thanks to the efforts of the victim’s personal injury attorney, the intoxicated driver was required to pay over $800,000 to the surviving victim of this Apple Valley, CA tragedy. He also received a 16-year sentence. Though the prison term won’t bring back a young woman’s life or give the survivor back her full range of motion or college education, justice has been served. Just as important, if not more so, a dangerous driver has been taken off the road for 16 years.

If someone you love has been killed, or if you have been injured by a drunk driver, a personal injury attorney in Apple Valley CA will work to ensure that justice is served. Your personal injury attorney will work with compassion, knowing that monetary compensation can never replace the loss of life or mobility but can at least make things a little easier in the aftermath of injury. With meticulous research, your attorney will find the responsible party and present the evidence needed for a conviction. Contact a personal injury attorney in Apple Valley, CA to bring justice to you and your loved ones and to do your part in the much-needed crusade against the scourge of drunk driving.

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