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Proper Maintenance for New Jersey Swimming Pools


Being a pool owner can be a major responsibility. It doesn’t matter which type of New Jersey swimming pools you choose, you will need to perform some maintenance to the pool to ensure it lasts a long time. Pools are too expensive to not take care of them properly. Understanding the basic maintenance you need to perform is essential to ensure your pool operates efficiently.


Pools require regular cleaning to remove as much debris as possible. While the filter will take care of the smaller debris, if you allow leaves and other larger pieces of debris to float in your pool or sink to the bottom, you will clog the filter more quickly and could even clog up the entire filtration system. In addition, allowing sediment to collect in the bottom of the pool can lead to decay and other problems.

A Cover

Investing in a cover is important, no matter which type of pool you have. New Jersey swimming pools can often become filled with leaves and other bits of debris, especially when you aren’t using them. If you take the time to cover your pool when you aren’t using it, you will reduce the amount of debris you need to clean out when you choose to use your pool again. You can even choose a solar cover that will help heat your pool as well.


All pools require chlorine and other chemicals to keep the water balanced and healthy. When you own your pool, it is essential to have all the chemicals you may need on hand so you don’t have to run out to the store at the last minute. Make sure you test your pH levels in the pool on a regular basis so you can add in the proper chemicals in the appropriate amounts to keep your water balanced and safe. It is also important to stay on top of the chlorine in the dispenser to ensure there is always enough.

Maintaining New Jersey swimming pools can be a major job, but if it is done correctly, you will be able to enjoy your pool throughout the summer months. Cleaning, keeping the pool covered when you aren’t using it and staying on top of the required chemicals will ensure your pool is safe for everyone to use to stay cool this summer. Even though pool ownership isn’t all fun and games, the hard work is worth it.

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