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Pros and cons of various roofing materials

One of the greatest desires of a homeowner is to have a roof on his house that is not expensive, is maintenance free and will last forever. Unfortunately, not all roofing in Nottingham always meets these tests. All roofing requires periodic message to extend its life, and full replacement every twenty years or so.

The choice of material for your roof should not be taken lightly; the roof material you choose can reduce the replacement costs and over time, you will use less roofing material and put less stress on the diminishing tip space – thereby lessening the demand placed on our diminishing environmental resources.

There are a number of popular roofing materials; let’s have a look at the pros and cons of some of them:

Composition shingle:

This is the choice of many homeowners; they are a good choice and give a clean appearance at a reasonable price. The composite shingle comes in different grades, some high quality shingles are produced using fibreglass, asphalt or recycled cement, all of which add to the long term durability of roofing in Nottingham.

The laminated versions are strips which contain more than a single tab, thus creating extra thickness. Some of these architectural shingles can closely resemble wood shakes and some have a lifetime warranty.

Wood shakes:

No two wood shakes are the same; there are variations in the colour, the width and thickness. As a result, a house with wood shakes take on character and a natural look and feel. Wood helps in insulating the loft, allowing the house to breathe due to the small openings under the felt underlay that the shakes are laid on.

Wood shakes are high maintenance roofs and often require repair. Mould, mildew, wood rot and insect infestation are often problematic.

Most shakes are impregnated with a fire retardant, this not only improves the fire resistance, it extends the life of the roof.

Clay tiles:

Clay tile roofs are a common choice when the home design favours Mediterranean or Spanish architecture. A tile roof has a very long life expectancy; the tiles will last far longer than the support structure. There is no possibility of fire, rotting or insect infestation.

The drawback is weight; as a result, the roof structure must be extra strong.

Tiles are fragile and can easily break if they are walked on or even a tree branch falling can break the tile. This fragility makes routine maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters more difficult.


Slate is not a lot different than shingles, other than for the fact it is thin slivers of rock. Slate is often the choice on up market homes. Slate is expensive but the natural look to the material and the patterns in which it can be laid are very attractive. The benefits of slate roofing in Nottingham are identical to clay tile, although it is not as fragile, it can be slippery to walk on, once again complicating maintenance.

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