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Seeing One Of The Emergency Veterinarians in Bowie

When someone has a cat who has fallen out of a tree, it is likely they will want to take the necessary steps in treating the animal appropriately after the incident occurs. Most people will take their pet to one of the Emergency Veterinarians in Bowie if a fall had happened. There are a few steps that should be taken before and during the ride to a veterinarian to keep the cat comfortable. Here are some tips to consider.

Try Not To Move The Cat Too Much

After the cat falls from a tree, it will need to be removed from the location where it lands so it can be treated by a professional. It is a good idea to bring a blanket or piece of plywood to the area where the cat is resting. The cat can then be gently lifted to this item so it can be transported to a vehicle without its body being moved too much in the process. It will be necessary to have two people available to move the cat to the vehicle if possible.

Call A Veterinarian Before Heading Out

A call can be made to a veterinarian to inform them about the situation before going to their facility. This way they will be aware that an emergency has arisen, possibly allowing for them to move around other appointments to different times if possible. Staff members will also be on the lookout for the arrival of the cat so they can tend to their injuries promptly.

Get Someone For Assistance

It is a good idea to have someone available to drive the cat’s owner and their pet to a veterinarian. This way the owner can talk to the cat and pet it as they are being transported for medical assistance. This will aid in keeping the cat calm at a time it is likely to be in distress.

When there is a need to see one of the emergency veterinarians in Bowie, finding one known for their customer satisfaction rating is best. Take a look at GambrillsVeterinaryCenter.com to find out more and to get contact information.

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