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Shapes Available for Las Vegas Chocolates

If you and your spouse got married in Las Vegas or it is your favorite vacation destination, you may wish to use a Las Vegas theme for your wedding reception. When you choose this theme, you need to order Las Vegas chocolates to use as your favors for the party. This will tie your entire reception together, from the decorations to the favors people receive to take home with them at the end of the night.

Casino Chips

Chocolate casino chips are a popular option for many Las Vegas-themed weddings. You can place these casino chips in bags to give to each of your guests, use them to decorate the wedding cake or use them as decorations on all the tables throughout the room. People will get a kick out of these realistic chips that feature your wedding date and colors, even if they do end up eating them later.

Playing Cards

Another fun option in Las Vegas chocolates is to give your guests chocolate playing cards. These cards may not hold up if you try to play poker or another card game with them, but they will be a tasty reminder of your special day. Providing your guests with playing cards made from chocolate will make them look twice, realizing they can actually eat the favors instead of playing with them later.


Dice also have a place at your Las Vegas-themed wedding reception. These chocolate dice come wrapped in foil that makes them look like real dice. Your guests will have fun rolling them at the table and pretending as if they are playing Las Vegas games to keep themselves entertained at your reception. When they are done playing with them, they can unwrap and enjoy these delicious chocolates. Whether they choose to save them or eat them, they will be a fun option for your reception favors.

A Las Vegas-themed wedding reception can be the perfect option, whether you simply love to go to Vegas or you got married there. Delicious Las Vegas chocolates come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit into your theme, including chocolate casino chips, playing cards and dice. Choose the one you like best to use at your reception or order a generous mix of the different options, giving your guests something fun to take home with them after they share in your special day with you.

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