Signs that You Need Brake Repair in Colorado Springs Jul12


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Signs that You Need Brake Repair in Colorado Springs

Reliably working brakes are something that most drivers take for granted. We get so used to having the brakes work when we need them that we start to believe that they are infallible. Unfortunately, even the best of brakes eventually wears out. Here are the warning signs that you need brake repair in Colorado Springs or elsewhere.

What That Noise?

Are your brakes starting to make peculiar noises when you use them? Brakes should work silently unless you slam the pedal down. Sometimes brakes will squeal in wet weather but goes away once the car dries. If you are gently applying your brakes in dry weather and are hearing a high screeching noise, this means that your brake pads are wearing out fast and should be replaced. Your brakes should never make grinding noises or noises that sound like one piece of metal being dragged or scraped over another. Contact your mechanic or dealer right away.

Veering to One Side

Is your car pulling or veering to one side when you apply the brakes, even at slow speeds? This is a bad sign that the brakes are wearing out or that some foreign matter has gotten in the brake fluid. This veering will only worsen over time. Get your car to a garage right away for your own safety.

Does Not Work As Quickly

Do you need to use more and more foot pressure on the brake pedal in order to get it to work? This lack of responsiveness is a bad sign. It only gets worse over time and does not go away on its own. There are many causes of this problem. A split or hole in your brake air hose or leaking brake fluid are two of the most common causes. Check your vehicle when it’s parked for a few minutes. Is there a puddle underneath the car? Brake fluid appears similar to oil.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

If you feel that the brake pedal is vibrating or pulsing, get it to a Trans Tech Auto & Truck as soon as you can. There are several causes from the car being out of alignment to brake parts wearing out.

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