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Taking the Perfect Family Photo

Some of the best photos we look at are usually the ones that don’t look as though they are contrived. People posing for photos can make the scene appear controlled and a little sterile sometimes, but those shots that look natural can better capture the essence of the family unit.

Family photography NYC area offers plenty of location opportunities for you to enjoy taking candid pictures while still having some level of control over the set up. There are hundreds of ideal and picturesque locations around the City and New York is full of interesting ideas for family photo backgrounds. Central Park is an ideal location for a natural setting where you and the family can sit having a picnic and just shooting random photos of you all laughing and having fun. You can also have a friend take a picture of you all from above, laying down with your heads all touching in a star shape, with the picnic blanket as your backdrop.

Framing and Location

Don’t forget to frame the shot so that any extraneous items that do not need to be in the picture are eliminated. Composition is important, so always make sure that your family is in the center of the shot. If, for example, you are standing in a doorway, make the frame of the door or the pillars of the museum equal in the frame and not slanted to the left or right too much as to cut you out.

Family shots of you and your baby can be tremendous fun to create. The idea of having you all under a blanket or sheet, lifting it over your heads and peeking out from underneath is a humorous idea to use. Or something like sitting under your dining room table and having your half eaten breakfasts in the shot from the top of the table. There are so many ways you can think outside the box when it comes to photography.

If your children are older you can set up a shot where you are all running down a hill or sitting next to a pier with the wooden struts in the background. Whatever is your favorite setting is the ideal place to have your family photo taken. If you are nature lovers, any outdoor picture is a great setting. In the forest, the woods, the park, next to a stream and any place that you love being will set up a great picture too. It’s vital that you capture the character of your family unit and express your personalities through the picture. It’s probably a prudent idea to try and let your kids just be themselves and not control the shots too much, otherwise they could end up getting cranky and this will spoil all your photos.

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