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The Benefits of Mineral Sunscreen for People with Lupus

A person living with lupus is likely dealing with a state of inflammation in the skin and likely systemically. Protecting the skin from the sun is critically important, however choosing anti-inflammatory skincare products is also important. The suns UVA and UVB rays can stimulate the auto-antibody process and cause a flare up of the disease, including rashes and skin lesions. Additionally, a person with Lupus already has a stressed immune system and should limit exposure to toxins from both the environment and also topical skincare products.

Many times the chemicals used in sunscreens like oxybenzone cause even more inflammation than the sun exposure! The sun we can control our exposure to fairly easily, but toxins are everywhere. For that reason, a chemical-free, mineral sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection is the best choice. With this type of product you create a barrier to the sun and toxins so they can’t penetrate the skin or allow burning or the stimulation of auto-antibodies which leads to disease flares for the majority of lupus sufferers.

When choosing a mineral sunscreen, it’s best to use one with a minimum of SPF 30 broad spectrum coverage, containing titanium dioxide, zirconium dioxide, zinc oxide and other soothing ingredients that provide both comfort and antioxidant support (for example: aloe, allantoin, or watermelon extract). A mineral sunscreen is a “barrier” sunscreen which utilizes the light refracting properties of the minerals to provide the protection vs. chemicals to block the sun.

People with Lupus need to protect themselves from UV radiation and environmental toxins every single day. By using a mineral sunscreen daily, they can achieve both in one product while not causing further inflammation.Anti-inflammatory skincare products are available from companies who specialize in natural skincare or clean clinical product lines. By choosing clean, natural, anti-inflammatory skincare products like mineral sunscreen, a person with Lupus can manage the inflammation that comes with their disease and look great too!


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