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The healing effects of purple corn

Purple corn is cultivated in the high mountains of Peru; it is packed with Phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and Antioxidants. The crops that are harvested with the highest content of phenolic and anthocyanin are the highest in antioxidants.

Anthocyaninins are anti-inflammatory and encourage the growth of tissue, as well as being high in antioxidants that help in keeping one looking and feeling young, purple corn protects people from disease and helps to promote healthy blood flow. It has been the consensus for years that the number one superfood was blueberries; it is now thought that purple corn is superior in its benefits.

The reason why it is just now overtaking blueberries as the number one superfood is that it is just in the last few years reaching the US. In Peru it has been used for eons for making a drink called chika. Chika is now seen as having very high anthocyaninin content which has been shown to regenerate collagen as well as improve cardiovascular health.

Purple corn has:

  • The highest antioxidant level and the greatest ability to fight free radicals than any other fruit or grain
  • The highest content of phenolic and anthocyanin
  • The anthocyanin found in purple corn is CG#, the most potent antioxidant known to man

The known health benefits of purple corn include empowering your immune system which in itself allows the body to self heal.

Diabetes: Years ago, diabetes was unheard of, not so today. By mid life many people have already got it, even children are getting it, and it’s the fault of the chemicals contained in fast-foods. Purple corn tends to strengthen the glandular system, the pancreas being one of them. It also keeps the fat storage levels normal resulting in a reduction in obesity.

Anti-obesity: People who are not overweight or obese have less chance of becoming ill and getting cancer or diabetes. Purple corn juice gets rid of fat which is in excess to need and maintains body proportions, it is an excellent supplement for both those who simply wish to maintain their weight and those that wish to lose weight.

Anti-Cancer: The antioxidants contained in purple corn can help protect and remedy against certain cancers. It has the tendency to kill cancer cells due to the anthocyanin as well as the high vitamin C and E content. Anthocyanin gives off electrons to free radicals that are lacking in them, the more anthocyanins the better to disarm those free radicals which are responsible for cell destruction and attacks on the immune system.

Anti Hypertension: Hypertension is one of the worst quiet-killers of the modern age. Junk food and unhealthy living styles contribute to it, fortunately, purple corn juice tends to de-clog the arteries and vessels that get plugged, causing high blood pressure.

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