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The Process of Math Tutoring for Your Child

Math tutoring can be an extremely useful service for any child who is struggling in this area. While the (reputed) high cost of tutoring may make some parents initially reluctant, lower-cost yet fully effective math tutoring programs exist.  Math is one of those subjects all children need to understand to be successful, as it is needed for studies in many prestigious and well-rewarded fields of endeavor. Working with the right tutor will achieve the greatest success.

Meet with the Child

In order for the tutor to be the most successful, it is important for the tutor and the child to meet before getting started. Such a meeting can help the tutor and child to determine whether they are a good fit for each other. It will also allow the tutor to evaluate your child to determine specific needs. When the tutor understands your child’s academic achievements to date, he will be able to create the right plan to best improve your child’s learning and grades.

Create the Schedule

Upon learning what your child requires, the tutor will then work on setting up the best math tutoring schedule. For a child who needs minimal help, holding a session once a week or so may be adequate. However, if your child needs more assistance, more frequent sessions can easily be scheduled. In some situations, the schedule may change based on how well your child is grasping the concepts currently being studied.

Evaluate Progress

As your child progresses through the tutoring sessions, a good tutor will continually evaluate progress to ensure the student is moving forward and staying on track with peers. Keeping communication open between the tutor and parents is essential. The tutor will be able to let you know how your child is doing and whether more assistance is required. This close communication and constant progress monitoring will help you see how your child is doing, keeping you involved.

Math tutoring can be a great advantage for your child, creating more confidence in math skills. When you hire a tutor, the tutor will meet with your child to determine what type of help will serve your child best. Then, a proper plan and convenient schedule will allow your child to get the help he needs for success in math. You will be provided with progress reports, helping you track your child’s success.

To learn more about how math tutoring will work for your child, visit the Growing Stars website or call 1-800-499-4769.

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