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Think About Using a Boiler Westchester County NY

Generally when people think about heating systems, they tend to think of a furnace that heats up air and blows it through vents. A system like this also has a separate water heater. When something goes wrong, two separate professionals are called to deal with it. However, that isn’t the only kind of heating system. Some people choose to go with a Boiler Westchester County NY.

A boiler generally not only provides heat, it also provides the hot water. It’s all one contained system, and generally handled by plumbers if something goes wrong. The boiler is made up of a burner which runs on things like heating or fuel oil, kerosene, or propane. There is also a large tank that is filled with water. When the thermometer senses that it’s time to turn on, it heats up water and forces it up into pipes in radiators. They can be the old fashioned kind of radiator, or more commonly, baseboard radiators.

A baseboard radiator runs along then base of the wall. The pipe runs through a series of fins that are designed to radiate the heat up into the room. In order to make sure that they don’t get damaged, they are covered, with an opening at the top for the heat to escape from. Unlike the traditional standing radiators, they aren’t up in the way, and there isn’t a risk of getting burned by them. The baseboard radiators are unobtrusive, and can be colored to match the other baseboards. They tend to run the length of a wall.

One reason that many people choose to go with a Boiler Westchester County NY for heat instead of other heating systems is that it gives a nice even heat. There aren’t hot spots and cold spots like can happen with forced air furnaces. One issue is that they do require some kind of fuel to burn, most commonly heating oil, also known as fuel oil. It gets delivered to the home regularly so it can be used. Another benefit is that hot water is ready to go, whenever. It works well as a simple water heater in the summer.

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