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Tips for Giving Your Baby Up to an Adoption Agency in Killeen

Deciding to place your baby up for adoption is a very difficult decision to make; no matter what the reason your baby is your baby and no one wants to give their child to someone else. There are several different options that you can explore in order to start the process. You can go through a private adoption, doctor, lawyer, or an Adoption Agency Killeen center to complete the adoption process.

The method that you choose will depend on the amount of contact you want with the family that is chosen. In an open adoption you will get to meet the parents, in a closed adoption through a public health agency you will get very limited, if any, contact with the perspective parents.

The first thing you need to do is confirm that you are indeed pregnant by going to your doctor. Decide which path you want to choose to complete the adoption; you can contact an adoption specialist, which will help you with this difficult decision and any other needs you might have.

Determine the type of adoption you will use; the choices are open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. Now it’s time to choose the Adoption Agency Killeen service, doctor, lawyer, or organization that you wish to handle the adoption for you. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer such as Michael R. Lackmeyer Attorney to look over the adoption process for you and represent your interests.

By this step it is time to start choosing the family that you are giving your baby up to. This isn’t required but it sometimes makes it easier on the mother to know what type of family the baby is going to be adopted by.

Once your nine months is over, and you go into labor, go to the hospital and call the agency or the adoptive parents. Once the baby is born you will sign the relinquishment papers within 72 hours of delivering the baby.

Adoption can be a difficult process but with the right amount of help you will get through it, and give your baby the life that he so richly deserves.

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