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Tips on Self Storage Newport News, VA

Self storage is a great alternative in terms of providing space to put property that you are not using, securing important documents offsite, or temporarily storing your property. However, when it comes to self storage, the way to store your stuff will determine the kind of condition they will be in when taking them out of storage. We all know that some time when you put stuff away for a while they will be in a worse condition when you come back for them. However, this can be avoided if you put in place proper storage practices. There is no point of storing your items with the potential of damage at the back of your mind.

The type of items that you want to store will determine the practices that you will use to protect your stuff while they are in self storage. First of all, storage supplies are very important when it comes to Self Storage Newport News, VA. Organising your items properly in moving boxes and labelling them properly can help in protecting fragile stuff from damage. That is, all the fragile stuff can be arranged above the less fragile ones. It also means that more care will be used when handling this stuff when loading or offloading in the moving van.

Here are a few more tips on proper storage practices:

  • Leaving a walkway down the middle of your self-storage units is a good idea when packing your stuff into your self storage space. The walkway enables you to pick out stuff that you need without having to rearrange the whole room. The sort of disturbance caused by picking out stuff in hard to reach corners can cause damages to your items in storage or even disorganise the initial arrangement.
  • Avoid storing flammable and perishable items. Flammable materials can cause accidents in case of any sparking or excess heat. Perishable items such as food can attract rodents and other pests, which may cause even more damage to your stored items. There are also laws that regulate the storage of certain items in self storage units. You should ensure that you read your lease agreements to avoid any problems with management.
  • Moisture is one of the biggest causes of damage to items in self storage Newport News, VA. Moisture leads to the development of moss, rust, and attracts small living creatures such as worms and bugs. Therefore, always make sure that you do not have any moisture stored up. When it comes to appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, ensure that you drain them completely and leave them ajar to prevent mould and mustiness. Also drain all fluids from snow blowers and lawn mowers.
  • Finally, ensure that you purchase quality and tamper proof locks for your self storage. When purchasing the lock, ensure that the keys are not easy to make copies of and that the locks cannot be easily picked.
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