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Top 5 Cities for Sports Jobs

Sports jobs are great to find but what is better than finding that sports job in the dream city that you have always wanted to live in? The reality is finding that great sports job in a great city is not as difficult as you think, and if you are willing to put in the effort you can live in the city of your dreams while working the job of your dreams. That’s definitely a win-win situation. Here are five of the best cities for sports jobs.

New York

With two MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and three NHL teams, New York is the king of all sports cities – sorry Boston. A city of 8 million people, New York is a place that is constantly buzzing with action, and the best part about New York sports jobs is the passion of the fans who live in the city. Even when New York sports teams are not competitive – e.g. the Knicks – New Yorkers still tirelessly support their teams. Because New York is such a large city – and literally the financial capital of the world – there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with teams or affiliate organizations.

When you get a New York sports career, one thing you need to be aware of is how vast the city is. Aside from Staten Island, there are teams in every borough and the NFL teams are just a short train ride outside the city. The culture of New York is amazing, but what unites all New Yorkers is their love of sports. Ride the subway, walk down the street, or even sit on your fire escape and what you’ll find is New York is consumed with their sports. So, if you are looking for a big city that takes its sports seriously, there’s New York, then there’s everywhere else.


Though it is America’s first city in many historical senses, Boston is constantly working to rid itself of being in the shadow of New York. The big difference – Boston has one team in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS. The bad news is this limits the amount of Boston sports jobs available, but the good news is no city comes together quite like Boston for their teams. Bostonians are second to none when it comes to rallying around their team – even 86 years of failure for the Red Sox did not erase one iota of passion from Bostonians.

The thing that makes Boston different is the city is the focus of an entire region. Boston teams are located in Boston, but all of New England roots for them. This sense of community makes the city feel much larger than it actually is. In fact, in terms of square mileage, Boston is small. But, if you are looking for a city to pursue a sports career, Boston is a city which captures your heart and imagination.


The city of Broad Shoulders is well known for being massive in sprawl and passionate about their teams. Though Major League Baseball is represented by two teams, Chicago has one NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS team. The fans of this massive city all come together for their teams and are a generally fun, uplifting bunch. While the East Coast fans in New York and Boston demand excellence and hold their teams to high standards, Chicago fans love their teams, warts and all. This is why Chicago sports jobs are great – you become part of a family, and even though it took the Cubs more than a century to win the World Series, to a fan, that’s no big deal.

Don’t mistake Chicago’s geniality for softness, however. The Chicagoan expects hard work at all times. The heroes of Chicago sports teams all displayed true grit, and the fans reward this grit with unending respect. Chicago sports media is different than that of the East Coast as well, but one way it doesn’t differ is the vastness of coverage. The bottom line, Chicago has a unique sense of community for a big city that extends to their sports.


Houston is America’s fourth largest city, but while everything is bigger in Texas you wouldn’t necessarily know it because Houstonians don’t like to brag. However, if you have one of many Houston sports jobs, you will surely be bragging. There are some clear differences between Houston and the northern cities above. Besides the weather, Houston has a thriving college sports scene. Houston’s teams also don’t have a century’s worth of history the way MLB, NBA, and NFL franchises do in Chicago, Boston, and New York. Their pro teams started as expansion teams, so in Houston, it’s still about developing that fan loyalty.

Living and working in Houston is a great opportunity. Like any big city, there are plenty of opportunities to grow with your organization, and in Houston the lifestyle is perfect for people who do not seek a rat race like the pressure cookers of the East Coast. Houstonians are passionate though, and when their teams are in the hunt for a championship, few places come alive like Houston.


Miami is unlike many cities in America, and perhaps even the world. It is a place that feels both foreign and quintessentially American. But one thing about Miami, that city is tough. Miami was barely a city at the turn of the 20th century, and when it comes to sports, the most identifiable elements of the city are the University of Miami Hurricanes and the Miami Dolphins. The city’s rapid growth in the 80’s led to pro team expansion, and now there are many Miami sports jobs, including jobs with the new MLS team.

Whether you are strolling down Calle Ocho, recreating the iconic Crockett and Tubbs drive down Brickell, or enjoying South Beach, one thing you’ll notice is Miami loves a winner. When Miami teams are winning, the fans are all in – this city has too much to do to invest its heart in teams that don’t bring it glory. Yes, it is brash like those old Hurricane teams but it has a soft spot for those who love it back and leave it all on the floor. So, if you love the idea of a place that is truly different than any other – along with great winter weather – then Miami sports careers are the way to go.

Finding great sports jobs in these cities definitely qualifies as opportunities of a lifetime. Whether you seek to work in New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, or Miami, one thing that you can guarantee is a richness in your non-work life along with passionate sporting communities that you will enjoy working hard to please.

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