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Tree Cutting in Indianapolis IN – Things to Consider

Tree cutting is an art, which needs a professional to do this job in a better way. There are some reliable companies offering their services for tree cutting in Indianapolis IN. Things that need to be considered while doing this job are as below:

Who can do it?

1. Not everyone can cut the tree whether small or large, as the person should be healthy, and energetic.

2. The worker should not be addicted to alcohol, or any kind of drug.

3. The person should be well trained with enough experience to use chainsaws, and other tools.

4. There should be more than one person, so that they can help each other in an emergency because one person cannot do it.


1. First of all safety of the worker is very important, and he should have a helmet, ear muffs, safety trousers, and safety boots having steel toe caps.

2. The worker should carry a first aid kit with him, so that it helps in an emergency.

3. Even if the worker is well trained, he should have a complete guidance about the tools in a written form, which is provided by the manufacturers.

4. Wedges and hooks are must along with other driving tools.

5. A lever is required for small trees, as it can roll the tree with hooks attached to it.

6. An axe can also work for small trees to cut them down into small logs.

For smaller tree cutting a professional always consider these things.


1. Before cutting, the worker should check the tree thoroughly and the area around that tree. There are certain health and safety laws made by the local governments, under which tree cutting can be done in certain conditions.

2. The area should not have people around it, especially within a range of two or three tree lengths of the cutting area.

3. The area should be free from any electrical, or telecommunication wires, and if not, the concerned authorities should be consulted in this regard.

4. If there are roads, or public buildings near the trees, the company should contact the concerned authorities to do some precautions. But, all such elements should be at a distance of two or three lengths of the tree that needs cutting.

Making the tree evaluation

1. The area has been checked, and now comes the tree, which should be free from branches which are broken, or have dead skin. As all such things can harm a person during cutting, creating debris on the ground.

2. The most important thing is that, the tree branches should not be linked with nearby trees’ branches, and they should be separated before tree cutting.

3. If there are vines, they should be removed before cutting, and also check for a rot in the tree base, as it can affect the cutting direction.

4. The direction of tree fall should be determined after considering the tree thickness, lean, crown weight, and location of the big branches.

5. Tree cutting should not be done in heavy winds, or when the weather is not good.

Tree cutting in Indianapolis IN can be successful once the expert checks all important factors as mentioned above. For information browse our website.

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