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Types of Locks for Safes : Providence Security Locking Systems

Birth certificates, social security cards, money, jewelry and family heirlooms are some of the items you may want to store in a secure location. Storing your prized possessions in a safe is a smart way to keep your items safe from burglars, fire and other disasters. If you are considering different safes, Providence security professionals offer a wide range of safe types to keep your valuables protected in nearly all situations. When comparing safes, it’s important to also look at the type of locks. Learn more about the various types of safe locks and which is best for your needs.

Combination Lock
One of the oldest types of safe locks are the standard combination lock devices. These generally consist of a three digit combination used to unlock the safe. In many cases, the combination lock on a safe is pre-set by the manufacturer. However, this three digit code can be reset by a professional locksmith. If you have misplaced your safe combination, you can retrieve the number by giving the manufacturer the serial number.

Digital Keypad
Digital keypads, also known as electronic safe locks, require the owner to put in a numeric code to lock and to unlock the safe. This set of digits is usually provided by the manufacturer. Nearly all types of safes can be found using a digital keypad, including gun safes, office safes and safes for your home valuables. Digital keypad safes also offer other protection features. For example, some safes will temporarily disable for 10 minutes when a wrong code is entered back-to-back.

Manual Lock
When searching for home safes in Providence, security professionals recommend looking for safes with extra forms of protection. Manual keys offer this extra protection when combined with another style of locking mechanism. When you have a manual lock, the manufacturer will provide a set of keys that will be used to unlock the safe. Be sure to make extra copies of these keys in the event you lose or misplace the original set.

Fingerprint Lock
For a more advanced locking mechanism, a biometric fingerprint safe lock safely locks and unlocks the safe using your fingerprint. The system reads your individual fingerprint and matches it to the fingerprints stored in its system. Some fingerprint safes are able to hold several fingerprints to allow multiple people to access the safe. For extra security, the fingerprint lock may be combined with a manual key or digital keypad.

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