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Types of Water and Classes of Water Damage

Water damage in Mesa, AZ requires appropriate care by professionals. There are basically three categories of water that can potentially damage the structures of your home: clean water, gray water, and black water. These categories also indicate a progression of toxicity in standing water that might flood a home from being relatively harmless to extremely toxic. Harmless water usually comes from fixtures that you use with appliances (other than dishwashers or washing machines); gray water is water that comes from other fixtures that may contain bacteria or chemical agents that are toxic; and black water is water from either of the former two categories that has been sitting for more than 72 hours and potentially carries disease.

It is extremely important to prevent water damage in your Mesa, AZ home by contracting with professionals who are fully licensed and experienced in extracting all three types of water from flooded homes. Water damage experts in Mesa, AZ will evaluate what the best method of water removal and cleanup is based upon the level of potential damage that the water in your home represents. There are four general classes by which water damage is evaluated, including:

  1. Slow evaporation. The water has settled into an area that does not have contents that are very porous, so the water is likely to evaporate more slowly and do less damage.
  2. Fast evaporation. Water covers an entire room and may penetrate carpet fibers and its cushion, causing it to evaporate more quickly and a greater intensity of damage.
  3. Fastest evaporation. Water moves from the top of the room downward, and penetrates ceilings, the insulation of the house, drywall, cushion, carpet, floors, furniture, and more.
  4. Special cases. Usually, water floods areas such as a crawlspace, hardwood floors, plaster or concrete, all of which are surfaces that are not very porous. Dehumidifiers are the most efficacious method for drying.

Water that floods an area due to sewage backup presents a separate threat, since it is both toxic and pathogenic, which means that it carries diseases. Water damage caused by sewage to carpets or flooring usually cannot be repaired. It is extremely important to protect yourself from sewage contaminants by staying away from the area. If you plan on helping with cleanup before professionals arrive, you must protect your body and face with adequate gear or equipment (rubber boots, gloves, face mask, goggles, etc.) before proceeding.

After calling professional water damage emergency services in Mesa, AZ and seeking to shut off any source of water that is flooding any area of your home, make sure you shut off the electricity.

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