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Unsightly Stump? Hire a St. Paul MN Tree Stump Removal Service!

Trees are a wonderful thing in our yards when they provide shade, homes for birds and beauty year after year. Unfortunately sometimes they are damaged by storms past the point of being saved or simply die for some reason. If the tree is not too large, a homeowner may decide to take it upon themselves to cut down the tree. When that is all done, however, they are left with a stump and either don’t know how to remove it or lack the proper tools to do so.

It is actually best to leave stump removal to professional tree service companies because there are a few things that can go wrong when removing a stump if one is not trained on how to do it properly. What you see above the ground is the stump, but under that is a root system that can be hundreds of feet of tangled mess. These roots can be in places where damage can occur if the roots are pulled. Walkways, driveways, septic or sewer lines, utility lines, sprinkler systems and water lines can all be at risk. By having a professional take care of Stump removal in St. Paul MN homeowners can save themselves a lot of headaches!

Some homeowners go a different tactic with the stump – they leave it and perhaps try to disguise it with plants, flowers or yard decorations. While this can look passable, one should keep in mind that one of two things is going to happen. One, the wood is dead and will decay creating a magnet for termites and other unwelcome pests. Two, the stump still lives and attempts to grow once again. This may not be a horrible result, but it will never really look right and disguising it at this point may prove impossible.

When looking into Stump removal homeowners often look to companies such as Timberline Tree Service that have been taking care of trees for a long time and will be glad to give free estimates. Next time you have a dead or diseased tree, they can take care of the entire thing including the unsightly stump. Even a healthy tree can benefit from pruning from time to time.

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