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Use Resin Surfacing To Provide Stunning Effects

Many homeowners are discovering the wonderful finishes they can achieve through resin surfacing in Hertfordshire. They use this excellent technique to restore the look of aged driveways without the costs of complete replacement. They add a beautiful look and feel to a home that cannot be achieved through alternate surfacing techniques.

Barring gravel, arguably the basic choice for a driveway in a residential area is asphalt. It is generally the least expensive option, often costing less than 30% that of concrete. It is also a superior option in colder climates that tend to crack driveway surfaces. Asphalt is not only more resistant to cracking but easier to repair if damage does occur.

However, one attribute of asphalt driveways is the need to sealing. This must be done about 6 weeks after installation and every 3 years thereafter. If this is not performed, the surface of the asphalt degrades quickly and soon becomes unsightly and veritably unusable.

One solution homeowners use in lieu of regularly sealing asphalt driveways is to install an overlay. This is a polymer mixture, combined with the asphalt that forms a protective coating on the base surface. This not only protects the base surface and makes it more durable, it also looks much better. Instead of providing a standard black, rough textured look, an asphalt driveway with an overlay can be tinted to any color, even ivory if desired. It can also be textured to be as rough or smooth as desired. It will even accept geometric patterns such as bricks or pavers.

However, an even more beautiful alternative is resin aggregate surfacing in Hertfordshire. It is similar to overlay in that it is a durable material placed on top of the existing base material. However, rather than being formulated as a mix with the base material, the resin surfacing serves as a bonding agent with aggregate separate that of the asphalt. The resin will bond the mixture with the asphalt, but otherwise the mix sits above the base surface. The aggregate can be almost anything but tends to be more decorative since it is visible within the semi-transparent resin. Thus, a natural looking, slightly textured material can be created by mixing the resin with sand. Using pebbles gives a more organic look. The pebbles can be selected for the resin surfacing in Hertfordshire with varying shades or even have a unified palette, generally chosen to match the color of the house or landscape.


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