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Waterjet Cutting Machines Are Leading The Industry

A waterjet cutting machine is a top-of-the-line manufacturing device that you can use to cut almost any material with both precision and accuracy. If you need precision cuts, this is a great machine to have. Using high pressure water and an abrasive substance, these machines can cut through metal, granite and many other different hard materials.

The machines use a unique cutting process that is basically an accelerated kind of erosion, using high pressure water that funnels through a tiny hole to create very precise cuts. Because of their convenience and money-saving properties, waterjet cutting machines are regularly used in both mining and various industries involved in aerospace. There are also many manufacturing companies that opt for these machines because they are so versatile, low-maintenance, and fast.

“Waterjet” is a general term that is most often used to describe two different types of high speed waterjet cutting machines: a pure waterjet that uses only water, and an abrasive waterjet that uses an additive. Although the general process is the same, these two different machines function in a slightly different way.

If you need to cut softer materials, like paper, foam, rubber, or even food, a pure waterjet will most likely be the best option. These machines were first used commercially during the 1970s when they were used for corrugated cardboard. Today, pure waterjets are usually used for industrial cutting of common household items like tissue paper, diapers and even candy bars.

On the other hand, abrasive waterjets are the tools that are used for cutting hard materials like metal and stone. These machines are much more intense, using abrasive particles to accelerate the cutting motion. The pressure of the water does not do the actual cutting in this process but propels the abrasive into action.

One of the many benefits of these precise machines is the lack of heat that is involved in the cutting process. Because there is no heat, there is little, if any, effect on the material being cut. In addition to their primary cutting use, waterjet cutting machines are also capable of producing intricate and detailed design cuts in material. With customized heads and software, these cutters can create complex shapes and designs. There are many components to a waterjet machine, but the main moving part is a high-pressure water pump, which is a tank used for the excess water and abrasive bits.

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