Wedding Table Decoration Ideas Aug09


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Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Are you planning a wedding? If so, you undoubtedly know that there are seemingly endless possibilities for your reception décor. What style, colors, and theme are you going with? If you’re still searching for some wedding table décor ideas, here are a few to get you thinking:


Metallics are certainly having their moment when it comes to popularity in the world of décor. Not just in wedding decorations, either; you can find shades of rose gold and platinum in everyday home décor, apparel, and accessories, even in cosmetics. It seems that in 2018, metallics really took over the world!

If you want to keep your wedding on-trend, consider the addition of metallics to your theme. It can be as simple as pretty, silver accents or as lavish as a gold table cloth on every table. The sky is the limit when it comes to where you can put your metallics – just make sure you coordinate them, so they don’t overwhelm the look of your overall design scheme!

Something Besides Flowers

A bunch of flowers on every table is certainly traditional for wedding table décor, but it doesn’t always serve the modern spirit of wedding decorating well. Choose something unique for your centerpiece. Get creative! You can place edible treats at your table’s center, interesting sculptures – some brides even choose miniature goldfish bowls with live fish! Whatever you choose, make it conducive to your theme and your guest list. Remember, live fish may not be a smart choice if you’re hosting lots of children!

Functional Decor

Décor doesn’t have to just be the banners and lights you hang or the baubles you adorn your tables with. You can also make the functional things you have to have into pretty decorations as well. Consider layering a patterned table runner over a gold table cloth to make the whole spread pop. Or, put bold, beautiful napkin rings around crisp, linen napkins. Your guests will have what they need at hand, and you’ll have décor that will leave them impressed – all while shopping for a single list of items at a single party supply retailer!

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