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Marble is a prized material; it was used extensively by the Greeks and Romans for their palaces, government buildings, statues and common areas such as the market. As testament to the durability of marble, many of these magnificent structures and works of art are still in existence. Marble today is a costly stone whose qualities have never changed, they are still admired for their beauty and endurance; however, before you consider installing Marble Countertops In Minneapolis, there are a few factors that should be considered.

Consumers often use the terms marble and granite interchangeably, however these materials are very different. Granite is made up of hard crystals that came from the magma that formed it, deep in the earth’s core. Conversely, marble is a hardened limestone which consists of crystals of dolomite or calcite. Marble is a stone that went through a physical change from its original limestone by re-crystallizing and getting much harder as a result of heat and pressure. The closet stone relative to marble is Onyx as well as travertine and limestone.

Granite, as a product formed from liquid magma under tremendous pressure is exceptionally hard, the second hardest material next to diamond. Marble is much softer as its origins are not from the bowels of the earth, but sediment which carried various vegetation, bits of shell, bones from animal skeletons and silt, all of which solidified. The primary advantage over any other stone is its extraordinary beauty, the colors, veining and inclusions are something that designers love to work with as the result is one of pure sophistication. Because of these features, no two slabs are alike and for Marble Countertops In Minneapolis, this can be problematic if the counter is of such as size that two marble slabs will need to be butted up.

The cost of marble countertops depends on the source, the location of the quarry, the shipping costs and the vendor. Marble is most often offered to the client by the vendor as a price per square foot. Before you buy marble, check with many different vendors, not only the products but check their reputation. Although you are buying a slab of marble, it is of little value to you if it is not installed properly, with excellent edge preparation and final sealing.

When you select marble from a sample, often your delivered product will be different. If you are going to have marble countertops in Minneapolis then visit the best marble countertops store where you can select the actual top from their huge stocks.

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