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What exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is another term for what has commonly been called grid computing, it was developed in the mid 1990s but only has come to light in the last five or six years and is now in common use for services that can be moved off the host computer onto the internet.

A perfect example of cloud computing services on Long Island is web based email. It is no longer necessary to send and receive email with desktop applications such as Outlook or Outlook Express, G-Mail and Yahoo Mail make it possible to avail yourself of your email services from any computer, anywhere. The mail is stored off site and can be reviewed at any time.

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. Google has developed an entire suite of internet based office oriented software that works in cooperation with its G-Mail package. The software that they have developed includes word processing, a spreadsheet and presentation programs. Other companies, including Microsoft are working diligently on ways to migrate programs to the cloud which makes them more accessible and less expensive.

Google and Microsoft are the big players and they are rapidly pursuing an expansion of what they can do in the cloud. Apart from these two main players, there are many smaller players that are looking to develop cloud computing services on Long Island. There are new companies that have been formed to focus exclusively on the rapidly emerging technology.

Computer technology along with programming and application techniques are constantly on the move, changing frequently. The current concept for cloud computing appears to be making the user experience as simple as possible and very user friendly. The development has skyrocketed with the advent of social networking services and blogging. There are many companies involved in finding new, exciting and innovative ways to help people and companies communicate with one another and with customers, all using cloud computing technology.

Although there remains concern about storing personal data offsite and in the cloud, cloud computing is definitely here to stay. The players are fully aware of the risks associated with such things as identity theft, and security is being tightened all the time. Of course, it is the user who will decide if cloud computing is a good idea for him or not, but it may be that before long, computing as we know it today will be changed in favor of cloud based systems. Visit Southern Cal Telecom Inc. For more details.

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