Why Home Staging Companies Use Self Storage in Portsmouth

After a real estate investor purchases a property, he will hire contractors to perform any work that needs to to be done to the landscaping and the home. Next, he will contract with a home staging company. The home staging company will furnish the home with items from storage units. The designers will decorate the home in a neutral style. Further, they will maximize space according to the scale of the room. Successful home staging companies will rent a Self Storage unit to hold furniture and decor items until needed. In fact, they may use many Self Storage Portsmouth units. This is a cost-saving way to get the best return on their furniture and decor items.

Home staging companies save money by buying furniture on clearance, at second-hand stores, auctions and garage sales. Further, they may also refurbish pieces. As a result, rooms will look as if the designer came in and spent several thousands of dollars on each room. Good design is not about the price you spend, but rather how to achieve design elements that entice people to purchase. Home staging is geared toward home-marketing. It is the designers’ job to make home buyers invasion themselves in the home for sale. Thus, designers will help to produce the highest possible offer from home buyers.

The furniture and decor items must be stored when not in use. This will be done in a climate control settings to keep each item in its best condition. Thus, home staging companies will get more bang for their buck by using Self Storage in Portsmouth. There is no worry about the weather damaging their furniture or decor items. This saves a home staging companies the cost of replacing items. Thus, the designers can simply mix and match the same stored products for every staging area.

It is costly to have a stand-;alone storage facility. Add to that, managing security, utility bills, taxes and the amount needed in order to invest in the property. However, home staging companies that use self storage units do not pay for owning the facility. By renting climate controlled units, the home staging companies are keeping overhead costs down and bring in higher profits.

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