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Why Homeowners Should Hire a Furnace Repair Contractor for Seasonal Maintenance

In many areas, homeowners rely on central heating to keep the house warm. However, some forget about the importance of regular maintenance. Hiring a Furnace Repair Contractor for a yearly inspection is a good way to increase the unit’s lifespan and ensure there aren’t any problems. Below are several reasons to get the home’s furnace inspected before the heating season starts.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance affects the unit’s efficiency. Clogged parts and dirty filters can inhibit the unit’s proper function. If the furnace can’t achieve the right heat level, it will struggle and work harder than necessary, resulting in high utility bills. However, a yearly inspection can make the furnace work efficiently while helping the homeowner save money.


HVAC professionals thoroughly service and clean all parts while inspecting the unit for harmful carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas that can be lethal, and a poorly maintained furnace can cause it to build up indoors. During service, a Furnace Repair Contractor will look for improper airflow and gas pressure, failed safety devices and damage to the combustion chamber.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Many people wait until the unit fails to seek maintenance or repair. This strategy can be costly in the long term as far as family comfort and expenses are concerned. While regular maintenance requires an investment, it allows the homeowner to catch small problems before they become major.

Saving Money

It usually costs about $100 to hire a tech for annual maintenance, which is insignificant compared to the cost of a new unit. Additionally, a homeowner can easily void a manufacturer warranty if they don’t have the unit maintained on a regular basis. This is only one of the hidden costs of poor furnace maintenance.

Longer Unit Lifespan

Regular upkeep is a sure way to prolong the useful life of a residential furnace. A small problem not caught immediately can cause serious damage and a reduced life expectancy. A furnace is a big investment, and there’s no reason to replace it earlier than necessary.

For the above reasons, it is important for area homeowners to have their furnaces checked at least once before the season begins.

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