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Determining the best hand dryer to buy

There is a wide range of hand dryers available, each one has certain benefits, features and abilities. With this being the case, how is a consumer to know which is the best hand dryer to buy? For many facility managers the number of people that can be expected to use the restroom daily is one factor another is the type of business you operate. Let’s look at what is currently available and which type will work best based on where it is installed.

Fully automatic vs. push button operation:

As the name implies, a button must be pushed for a push button operation dryer to work. Conversely, a fully automatic hand dryer turns on when hands are placed close to the air outlet.

In the past, when it was decided to install electric hand dryers in the restrooms the only choice was push button operation. Only in the last 25 years or so have sensor operated models been available.

There is little doubt that fully automatic hand dryers are more hygienic as there is no need to touch it. A fully automatic model also costs less to operate as it only runs when hands are under the nozzle.

With these advantages it is hard to understand why all hand dryers are not automatic, and yet, push button models are still sold in the thousands; why is this?

  • Durability: There is a tendency for facilities managers to believe that push button hand dryers are more durable. This may have been the case years ago when sensor technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is today but is no longer the case.
  • Vandals: Vandals are hard to defeat, regardless of what type of hand dryer you install, vandals will find a way to put it out of commission.

The best hand dryer to buy is one that is hygienic, inexpensive to operate and convenient for the user; this tends to favor the automatic styles.

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