Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget the Windows! Aug11


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Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget the Windows!

One of the first priorities, according to the lion’s share of real estate experts, when selling your house is to clean every window in the house. So, if you’re looking to sell your house, here are the reason why that one fly you smacked against the kitchen window and forgot to wipe off will doom your entire sale if left uncleaned.

#1. Atmosphere

The odd paradox with house hunters is that even when they buy a pre-owned house, they don’t want any evidence that someone lived here before them. As such, you want to remove any evidence of the house feeling “lived in”. Cleaning the windows gives the buyer a clean, cozy feeling that they’re looking at a house made just for them that they just need to move into. It also helps by making it easier for natural light to beam into the rooms, making the house feel warmer and more attractive.

#2. Better drive-by appeal

Before your potential buyer will set foot in your house, they’ll do a drive-by; where they drive past the house at as many angles as they possibly can to get a surface level opinion on the house. Of course, you want the outside of your house to look as presentable as possible, so you should clean every window so that not only are there no bugs or dirt to break them out of the experience, but also to give them a clearer look into the house.

#3. You want a good first impression

Stating the obvious a bit here, but just as you don’t go to a job interview in torn jeans and a dirty white tank-top, you don’t show off your house to a potential buyer unless it’s as clean as possible. It gives the buyer a sense of uncaring, that the house they’re looking at hasn’t been properly maintained and may end up falling apart on them. When selling a house to someone, you are not with a casual buddy who doesn’t care that there’s one small stain on the bathroom window whose origins remain unknown to the both of you. You are trying to convince a client to pay you for your house for them to live in and stake their livelihoods on for the foreseeable future. They will ask about the stain.

Keeping your windows spotless should be top priority when selling a house. It helps make the house more appealing to buyers, and will go a long way to cementing a deal. So, if you’re considering hiring a residential window cleaning service in Nassau County, make sure not to put it off until the last minute. For more information, visit Sparkle Window Cleaning Inc.

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