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What Is a Holistic Animal Hospital?

You might hear the term holistic when discussing a holistic animal hospital in Germantown and think that it is limited strictly to alternative approaches to animal care. That is not actually true. Holistic care is available for both humans and animals, and a holistic animal hospital is going to offer a blend of treatment options that all emphasize the use of the body’s own natural healing powers to balance and remedy itself.

As an example, a pet may be suffering from a bout of vomiting and you are unsure of just what has caused it, and how to stop it. If you visited a traditional animal hospital, it is likely that a batch of tests would be done and a prescription given to address the underlying cause. With a visit to a holistic animal hospital in Germantown, though, there would be a brief but in-depth discussion about the pet’s diet, exercise, any existing health issues, sleep patterns and emotional strains or changes that may have occurred. Then, a more natural and gentle regimen of dietary changes, herbal or homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements or even acupuncture and massage might be used.

If there is a concern about a potential blockage or the development of an issue such as a tumor, then more traditional diagnostics might be used and even surgical intervention is done. However, the initial treatment is always meant to take into consideration the body, spirit, emotions and mind of the animal. It is always going to be about rebalancing.

On the surface, a holistic animal hospital in Germantown may appear very similar to a traditional facility. While there may be crystals to ensure proper energy balance in the treatment and waiting rooms, the general setting will be quite familiar to any pet owner. In fact, there might be state of the art diagnostic machinery alongside spaces meant to be used to administer that acupuncture or massage.

Other options found in a holistic animal hospital in Germantown that are not found elsewhere will include treatments like the alpha stim, which is an alternative to acupuncture; aquapuncture that combines vitamin B12 treatments with acupuncture, chiropractic care, energy balancing, essential oil treatments, and any number of herbal remedies, plus much more.

If this sort of comprehensive, gentle and balanced approach to animal care appeals to you, pay a visit to Holistic Veterinary Healing and learn all about their use of alternative and traditional treatments sure to bring optimal health to your beloved pets. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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