Why a Building Permit Is Not Required for Residential Siding Replacement in St. Peters, MO Oct10


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Why a Building Permit Is Not Required for Residential Siding Replacement in St. Peters, MO

Homeowners are often mystified as to why building permits are required for certain projects and not for others. For instance, they may discover they need a permit to have a deck built but not to have siding replaced. Residential siding replacement in St. Peters MO seems like a more extensive project than the construction of a small deck, so why isn’t a permit required?

Permit Categories

Building permits generally are intended for three categories of work. Construction of a new feature, a structural change to a building, and major modifications of the building normally require permits. That includes major changes to the plumbing and electrical systems. Some municipalities do insist on building permits for siding replacement, so someone outside of St. Peters must check with their own government agency.

If Residential Siding Replacement in St. Peters MO will include modification of doorways or window sizes, for instance, a permit will be necessary. All the siding can be removed and replaced with a different material, and the work still does not require a permit.

Meeting Building Codes

A primary reason that municipalities want property owners to have these permits is to make sure all the work meets building code standards. The project plan has to be submitted to the agency and approved. If the project is never approved by the agency and something goes wrong, the homeowner’s insurance company may not cover the damages. That can create a hardship in the event of a plumbing leak or a roof cave-in on a home addition.

Safety Issues

Safety is a main consideration in the building permit process. A new deck or porch must support a certain amount of weight without collapsing and causing injuries. An electrical project that does not meet code can cause a fire or an electrocution.

Replacement of siding is not generally associated with potential injuries to the household residents or their guests, nor is it connected with catastrophic occurrences like fire, flooding, or roof or building collapse. Having the project done by a reputable contractor such as Affordable Exteriors ensures quality work. Contact us to get started on new siding installation.

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