Why You Should buy Condos in Harlem NY Oct09


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Why You Should buy Condos in Harlem NY

Harlem NY is one of the most culturally diverse areas of Manhattan, buying condos in Harlem NY is one of the best investments you can make in NYC real estate. There are some very clear benefits to living in Harlem that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city at the price you can in Harlem.

The Revitalization

Harlem is constantly evolving. The revitalization efforts of the 1980’s and 1990’s created the new Harlem that celebrates the glory of its past while preparing it for an amazing future. In this historic NYC neighborhood, you find all that the things that make life enjoyable like:

  • World renowned restaurants
  • Local cafes and eateries
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Great shopping
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • A rich culture
  • Neighborhood pride

Harlem is more than a place to live it is a place to experience a lifestyle. Whether you are a native New Yorker or you are relocating to the city, Harlem offers a warm welcoming atmosphere, a real sense of community and a litany of things to do.

Famous Residents

Like other areas of NYC Harlem is home to celebrities that have chosen this neighborhood as the place to hang their hat. The draw is the high quality real estate, the culture and just the fun of living in such a diverse area that it is easy to blend right in.

When You Buy Condos in Harlem NY

There are few areas in the city or any of the boroughs that can claim the historic significance that Harlem can. From the early 1900’s moving forward Harlem has been the heart of the black history movement from the Cotton Club to the Apollo to today’s ever-changing landscape, Harlem has influenced NYC like few other neighborhoods can claim. Today luxury condos can give residents a bird’s eye view of one of the most amazing neighborhoods there is. You can check off your list of must haves easily. Easy access to transportation, great places to eat, great shopping, nightclubs, culture and most importantly the people of Harlem combine to enhance your lifestyle.


The fact is, dollar for dollar you get more bang for your buck in Harlem than you do in Brooklyn or anywhere else in the city. You get amazing architecture, high quality renovations and a sense of luxury for a less than you can buy anywhere else. Look at 17 & 52 Convent Avenue, the sister buildings that are the shining stars of Harlem before you buy anywhere else.

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