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2 Reasons To Use Fiberglass Reinforced Panels for Your Lab in California

Do you own and manage a dairy processing plant and will need to build an in-house lab for quality control purposes? Are you wondering about the types of materials you should use when building your lab? Have you found that using the standard and typical wall panels used for building homes will not suffice for your build? If so, then here are two reasons why you should use FRP or fiberglass reinforced panels when constructing your in-house dairy quality-control processing lab.

Optimum Cleanability

One of the main reasons why you should consider using fiberglass reinforced panels for your lab is that this type of panel offers optimum cleanability. This means FRP panels can be cleaned using standard detergents, high-pressure washers, and steam without damaging their integrity and durability.


Another reason why you should use fiberglass reinforced panels for your in-house lab is for cost-saving reasons. As mentioned, FRP is known for its durability. It provides high-impact resistance capabilities and is made from scratch-resistant material.

Acquire Only Top-Quality Panels and Adhesives

Perhaps you are convinced and are now searching for a company that sells top-quality fiberglass reinforced panels and FRP adhesives in California but are becoming overwhelmed just by choosing the best supplier. Here is a tip. When searching for a supplier that offers fiberglass reinforced panels and FRP adhesives in California, consider choosing a highly reputable and experienced company. You will be provided with the highest quality FRP products and services should you choose to buy from this type of company.

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