2 Ways You Can Protect Your Boat’s New Canopy And The Family-Owned Company In Seattle That Can Help Feb24


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2 Ways You Can Protect Your Boat’s New Canopy And The Family-Owned Company In Seattle That Can Help

You have just replaced your boat’s canopy for the third time. Each time, you purchase a new canopy from a different company thinking the last vendor did not provide you high-quality goods. While watching the new company install your new canopy, they turn to you and recommend protecting your new investment through their warranty service for an added cost. Today, we will talk about 2 ways you can protect your boat’s new canopy without having to purchase the vendor’s optional warranty service.

Proper Storage

One way you can protect your new canopy is by putting it away after you have docked your boat. It means finding proper storage for it which means out of the sun and in a cool dry place. If you cannot easily remove your canopy, then consider using a tarp to cover it while your boat is docked.

Fabric Guard

Perhaps you do not want to go through the inconvenience of removing the canopy each time or take the time to cover it with a tarp, as it can get overwhelming exhausting, especially from a full day of fishing. Another way you can protect your canopy is by using a fabric guard to protect it from UV rays, which means you won’t have to purchase the optional warranty service offered by the canopy vendor. This also means protecting your canopy without sacrificing convenience.

Where To Buy

Perhaps you are now searching for a suitable fabric protector to protect your new canopy. However, you are looking for a specific type of fabric protector, you are looking for a marine fabric protector. Contact Fiber Protector by Mafi. They are a family-owned company that offers top-quality products and services to help you protect your canopy using nano-technology.

So, when looking for a company that offers high-quality marine fabric protector products, they are the ones you should contact. Call or visit them at https://fpmafi.com today so you can save money and protect your boat’s canopy.

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