3 Benefits Provided by a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie May22


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3 Benefits Provided by a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie

Nothing is cuter than a frisky, freshly groomed cat or dog. That is one reason so many Gaithersburg area pet owners schedule regular sessions with local experts like The Groomery. Clients also use professional grooming to keep pet family members healthy. In addition, a dog grooming service in Bowie can provide mobile services and offer comfortable boarding facilities.

Well-Groomed Pets are Healthy Pets

A dog grooming service in Bowie helps pets maintain healthy skin and shiny coats. During sessions, professionals trim pets’ nails to minimize the chance of infections and keep their paws healthy. Groomers can often detect early health issues, such as problems with teeth, ears, and skin. Routine professional care reduces shedding and keeps animals more comfortable in hot weather. Spruced up pets also smell, look, and feel better.

Groomers Offer Mobile Service

Busy clients also Contact The Groomery to arrange mobile services. Pet parents may opt for the service so they can go on about their days and still ensure their cats and dogs are tended to. The work is done in vans specially outfitted with the same equipment used in salons. Many pet owners also like the fact that groomers work with one animal at a time, which is ideal for pets that do not do well around large groups of animals.

Owners Can Arrange Boarding Services

Businesses offering expert grooming also include air-conditioned boarding areas. Clients board their pets at these facilities when they want their animal companions to be cared for by cat and dog lovers with lots of experience. Boarded guests are fed high-quality diets, and owners can bring specialty foods and toys. Dogs have plenty of room to play, and every guest is personally tended to. If grooming businesses also include training programs, clients can arrange for humane obedience training while their pets are boarding.

Professional grooming in a salon is designed to keep cats and dogs healthy, clean, and fresh smelling. Mobile grooming is also popular because it saves clients time and ensures pets get safe, sanitary, one-on-one treatment. In addition, a grooming facility often includes comfortable boarding areas and provides humane obedience training.

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