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3 Cloud Security Solutions That Reduce Threats

Working with top cloud storage and hosting provider is the most effective way to reduce the risk of a security breach. These providers maintain the security infrastructure in the private, hybrid, public, and specialized clouds they offer. Actual breaches of cloud security through the infrastructure and the provider are rare and are often quickly detected by monitoring.

Unfortunately, the most common security breaches are those at the business level. Some simple cloud security solutions that any company can implement to reduce the risk of an internal and sometimes unintentional security breach.

Train Staff Regularly

The most common source of security breaches is still employee mistakes and lack of understanding. Sharing passwords, opening phishing emails, going to a website that downloads malware are all examples of security breaches that cannot be stopped by even the best cloud security solutions.

Utilize All Security Measures Possible

Consult with your cloud hosting provider to address any specific security concerns. These companies have the expertise and experience to implement a range of security protocols and measures to protect sensitive data and to prevent security risks through data stored in easy-to-access locations.

Ensure End-To-End Encryption

Not all cloud security solutions include full encryption of data. Having data fully encrypted in the cloud means that anyone accessing the data can not decipher the information, rendering it useless to hackers.

Be sure to keep both the encryption and deciphering keys in a secure location outside of the cloud. This is an extra safeguard to prevent any access to data by third parties.

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